Adrienne Asta is the owner and founder of Cerebral Vortex Education and has been practicing massage since 2001.  Having worked in a wide breadth of educational and clinical environments, she has a keen sense of the challenges that are common across the industry from education to practice.  Adrienne has been deeply involved in the education arm of the massage industry, holding various positions in a spectrum of school environments since 2002 and is a member of the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education. She has developed ancillary materials for textbooks widely used in massage therapy programs and has trained all levels of practicing massage therapists and educators.

Adrienne holds advanced certifications in neuromuscular therapy and prenatal massage. Her clients range from permanently disabled to Big Ten collegiate athletes.  She is privileged to serve as a Trustee and as the chairperson for the Community Service Grants Review Committee for the Massage Therapy Foundation, both volunteer positions. Additionally, Adrienne has volunteered with the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) on a local and national level for well over a decade.

Adrienne joyfully donates a portion of her proceeds to The Massage Therapy Foundation and to Heawell – two very distinguished non-profit organizations that elevate the massage profession.

Katie Phill is passionate about helping and connecting with people which is evident in her bodywork as well as in her teaching. She has brought this enthusiasm to the massage industry since 1998 when she attended Seattle Massage School. Since then she has actively perused continued training in a variety of modalities and work environments which have inspired her to share this work with others. Katie has been a massage educator since 2006, teaching at the introductory level as well as offering specialty trainings and continuing education classes. She is currently practicing privately as well as working at a world renowned health and wellness resort. Katie brings a background of therapeutic treatment techniques, spa experiences and energy work along with 20 years of hands on experience into the treatment room and the classroom.

Erikka Miller has a degree in education with over 10 years of experience in public school education, special education, and vocational school adult education. She has trained teachers regularly to ensure a diverse skill set and knows the information she provides is practical and available for immediate use. As a former instructor and trainer for a massage therapy school, she has taken the information she’s garnered over the years and tailored it to work for those teaching students or simply presenting information about bodywork.

Personally, Erikka loves spending time with her partner Hunter and son Ziggy. They enjoy being outside and active with their dog Penny and also like to play board games. 

Renee Stucklen, L.Ac., LMT, Dipl. OM has dedicated her life’s study to the field of Chinese Medicine and Asian bodywork. After graduating from Northern Arizona Massage Therapy Institute in Sedona, Arizona in 2005, she quickly realized that Traditional Thai Massage was one of her absolute favorite methods of bodywork. In 2007, she went to Thailand to obtain her teaching certification at ITM in Chiangmai. Since then, she has taught at NAMTI and for continuing education. Renee’s interest in Chinese medicine led her to obtain her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches in Santa Cruz, CA in 2012. The practice of Chinese Medicine and all bodywork requires physical cultivation on the part of the therapist. To facilitate this requirement, Renee has been training the internal martial arts of Xingyi, Bagua, and Taiji under the North American Tang Shou Tao since 2008. Renee is currently an instructor in Shen Long Xingyi and in Jing Luo Qi Gong and teaches regular classes in these arts here in Tucson, AZ.

Ranee Flinn is an Acupuncturist, Martial Artist, Body Worker, and Teacher. She holds certificates in Jin Shou Tuina™, CranioSacral Therapy and Jingluo Qigong from the North American Tang Shou Tao Association, a Masters Degree in the Science of Oriental Medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine and a teaching certificate in the Advanced Practice of Thai Massage from ITM.

Ranee is currently employed at Miraval Resort and Spa where she practices acupuncture, CranioSacral Therapy, Thai Massage and Vasudhara.  She volunteers at Four Winds Health Clinic practicing Chinese Medicine and CranioSacral Therapy and teaching qigong, Baguazhuang and Xingyiquan.

Her passion is teaching, and she is particularly fond of teaching Thai Massage to body workers integrating the movement dynamics and body mechanics of Chinese Internal Martial Arts and the sensitivity energetics of CranioSacral Therapy into the learning environment.  

Will McCastle is a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher and professional astrologer.  He currently operates a private practice and teaches all levels of Reiki. In addition, he is a featured astrologer/lecturer at Canyon Ranch Wellness Spa and Resort.  Will teaches with compassion, motivated by a desire to empower those seeking to become healers.

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