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Massage foundations honored.
Massage possibilities explored.
Massage community elevated.

The basics matter. When we think about where the challenges lie in our practice, certainly we celebrate those clients whose conditions stretch our fabric, who present us with cases in which we really learn. However, our mistakes and oversights typically surround the foundational concepts of our work. If our foundation is unstable, then everything above that struggles to be supported.

At Cerebral Vortex Education we look at our foundational education, honor where it came from, verify the validity and integrity, and take it to the next level. Practical training for immediate implementation, encouraging a habit of joyful learning. Let’s foster our curiosity together. Let’s explore why we are doing what we’re doing and let’s ask ourselves, “How can we make it more fantastic?”

Cerebral Vortex Education: Massage Your Gray Matter

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Adrienne presented the material in an engaging way. It was good to reinforce the material I knew and I got a new perspective on how to help my client’s with… pain.

I feel more confident in my skills after this workshop!

While I would love this course to be longer, I like that I learned something new this morning and know I am seeing clients tonight who can benefit from this work.

This is something I can implement immediately.

Adrienne’s joyful and positive presentation brings an optimistic energy to pain management.

I liked the fact that we have the option of doing these techniques over clothing for clients who are in pain but apprehensive.

I’m excited to incorporate these techniques and strategies into my practice!

This content is very important to understand. Wonderful content and material. Awesome instructors and I look forward to future trainings.

Don’t confuse this with your traditional, boring continuing ed.

Experienced Teachers

Adrienne Asta

Adrienne Asta is the owner and founder of Cerebral Vortex Education and has been practicing…

Katie Phill

Katie Phill is passionate about helping and connecting with people which is evident in her…

Erikka Miller

Erikka Miller has a degree in education with over 10 years of experience in public…

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