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About CVE

adrienne teaching massage technique image
adrienne teaching massage technique image


Mission Statement

Cerebral Vortex Education delivers practical continuing education training for licensed massage therapists and massage educators. We support steady and joyful integration of pertinent information into our work as it evolves, encouraging a habit of learning for a highly informed and robust massage practice.


Massage foundations honored. Massage possibilities explored. Massage community elevated.

Core Values

  • Foster a genuine curiosity for our craft and create a habit of consistent, life-long learning.
  • Encourage collaborative and cooperative learning in a supportive and comfortable learning environment.
  • Nurture win-win-win relationships and procedures.
  • Honor and revere the work that has come previous to us, including the practice of questioning the integrity and validity of information passed down.
  • Support philanthropic efforts that align with our values.
  • Practice fiscal responsibility.
  • Continue to evolve environmentally conscious practices.
  • Remain humble and gracious.
  • Consistently ask, “How can we make this more fantastic”
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